Access 2022 Victoria Flood Recovery Resources

abc home skills devAs an organisation we are passionate about developing the skills, knowledge and confidence of rural families and their communities.

By investing in skills development and educational training, we can help improve the wellbeing of rural people, build social capacity and strengthen local and regional economies.

We are currently seeking funds and donations to assist people and their businesses to plan for the future by working with them to improve their financial capacity and business resilience.

The skills development services we hope to offer include:

  • Financial capacity training
  • Business mentoring
  • MyGov and Commonwealth Government Mobile Applications Training
  • Financial training and mentoring support for rural women
  • Tailored skills training.


Can you help?

We are always looking to extend our ability to help people through building partnerships with likeminded organisations, businesses and government agencies. If you are interested in working with us please click here (link to Partner with Us page).